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The Spirit Fund

Spirit has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. After two trips to Cape Cod Veterinary Hospital and one to Dr. Aboo at Veterinary Cancer Specialists, two ultrasounds, and one catscan, it has been deterined that the cancer is treatable. Having been give a choice between doing nothing (except keeping her on the Prednisoln pills), taking an aggressive stand (under the skin catheters sometimes twice a week), and the middle of the road (once monthly chemo), I choice the latter. Since last Tuesday, I have seen a remarkable change in my baby. She is more alert, eating more and more, and beginning to do the things she liked to do. True, she is not yet playing with her ballies but I can see that coming any day now.
Her treatment consists of monthly visits to the cancer specialist, Dr. Aboo, and continuing on the Prednisoln pills. Since I am a single kitty parent, I have begun a fund for her~~the Spirit Fund~~so that I may be sure that she will be able to continue to have the treatment that is giving her more time to live a happy life on this planet.
If you are able, please send a donation of any amount. If you cannot give money at this time, please take a moment to hold her in your prayers. Both myself and Spirit thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Much luv & lite always,
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