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About Angel

Angel is both an artist and writer. She describes her artwork as mystical with a bit of Oriental influence. She aspires to the color purple, which has the highest resonance on the color wheel, and is the color of spirituality. She's written many psychic stories including some on channelers, card readers, and healers. She's also written about well-known people such as Ruth Montgomery and Yuri Geller.

Angel brings a sensitive, intuitive spirituality to her tarot and tea-leaf readings, incorporating numerology, astrology, relationship and spiritual counseling into her consultations. Angel has studied with the Jungian Institute on Dream Interpretation, and will interpret dreams for her clients as well.

Although she has many tarot decks, she finds herself currently drawn to the Llewlyn deck with its fanciful pictures and perfectly light energy.  She says she finds inspiration from the mystical pictures of this deck.

As an artist, she has begun to design her own deck.

Angel has done in-person readings from Cape May, NJ, to Salem, MA, to Newport, RI.  Specifically she's read for several national Psychic Lines, at many shops including Tea & Herb, Newport, RI; Tatnuck Bookstore in Worcester; House of Spirits in Douglas, MA, and Goddess Shoppe in Putnam, CT.  She's also participated at many events.  Some of her favorites include Madame Paramentier's Psychic Tea Party, Cape May, NJ; Belcourt Castle's Halloween Ball, Newport, RI; and the Living Expo by Spirit of Change, held in Marlborough, MA.

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