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Astrology Charts!

Your personalized chart will give you access to interesting aspects of yourself and those you love. Perhaps you will discover paths, or strengths that you were not aware of. Above all, the Charts are meant for the meaningful enjoyment of the recipient,

whether as a gift to someone else,

or a special gift to yourself.


Some could say astrology was born when humankind began searching the heavens for meaning Cave markings show that as early as 25,000 years ago (imagine!) humankind began observing and tracking lunar cycles, and their influence on seasonal changes.


Our services are as follows:

Natal chart: One sun sign $75
Forecast: One month $50
Forecast: Two Months $100
Forecast: Twelve Months $150
Compatibility Chart: Two Sun Signs $150

All charts will be emailed.


All charts must be paid prior to being sent.

Please click "Further Information" box below.

PayPal link will be sent.

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