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Tea Leaf Reading

A unique and entertaining way to receive your answers.

Many people can recall a beloved aunt or grandmother taking out her cup to read the leaves. For others, this ancient art is something from the past, locked up tight with the cherubs in a cupboard somewhere in the Victorian Age.

Angel, inspired by Marlene Bosma, a very special and wise woman, turned her intuitive readings toward the tea leaves.

It is a very special experience to see the clumps of loose leaves turn into pictures and stories in answer to your own special needs.

Angel's very favorite cup with a Victorian rose pattern, was given to her by a close friend, Diane, who is a Medium in her own right. The very powerful Cup belonged to Diane's late mother, Doris.

Try your luck with the leaves and find your answers.


20 minutes = $40

30 minutes = $50

1 hour = $100

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