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Have a Tea Party with an Angel

C'mon, girlfriends, let's have a party!

Gather your girlfriends and have your own Victorian Tea-Leaf Reading party.

With accuracy and insight, Angel will go around the cup reading the leaves at your own personal party.

Each guest will have a 15-minute reading that will answer

any questions presented.

Tea, tea pastries, music, ambiance provided.

P.S.:  Feel free to bring along your own favorite bottle of wine!

Gather your girlfriends and book a party now.

Find out what’s in store for your personal year!

$300 (approx 2 hours)

(if more than 2 hours, additional fee will be accrued)

Parties held for four or more.

Free Hostess Gift!

All parties must be booked two weeks in advance.

All parties must be prepaid at time of booking.

Parties will be booked for four or more.

Wedding, birthday, or retirement parties.  You make it up!

Cool Idea:  Try a Period Dress Party!

Hats, long dresses or skirts are encouraged.

There would be a contest for best Victorian hat.  Prize offered!

Party with Angel at your own home or at Angel's spacious studio.

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